Mega Construx American Girl Advent Calendar

The Mega Construx American Girl Advent Calendar is a 24 day calendar with daily American-girl themed gifts. This is a construction set so a new gift is built every day.

Some of the gifts are:

  • Two build-able mini articulating figurines with ski outfits
  • skis
  • ski poles
  • puppy sleigh
  • snowman
  • toboggan
  • two teddy bears
  • bench
  • lamp post
  • street clock
  • ski sign
  • fire pit
  • caroling placard
  • caroling sheet music stand
  • reef with stand
  • drum with drumsticks

Can be combined with other American Girl construction sets.

Note that the back of the advent calendar reveals all the gifts so there’s not much of a surprise factor with this set. This set has more of a winter theme instead of a Christmas theme.

This advent calendar is recommended for children ages 8 and up.

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